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As Turanlar Group we manufacture and supply foods, foodstuffs, food stuffs, medical products, home textiles, bulgur, bulgur wheat, bulghur, white beans, red lentil, lentil, chickpea, sugar, flour, green lentil, olive oil, surgical instruments, surgical gloves, sterilization devices, gloves, vinyl gloves, bedclothes, beddings, quilt covers, bedlinens, foods, foodstuffs, food stuffs, medical products, home textiles, surgical instrument, sterilization device, bedcloth, bedding, quilt cover, bedlinen... Turanlar Group was established in 1980 for logistics or distributorship of national brands in Samsun and hinterland. The company bases on 4 main fundamentals making first level ethical standards of workers, brands, suppliers and staffs • Continous Developing • Responsibility • Respect • Trust
We have turned towards export after being active in local market for many years. Our target is to be successful in abroad of what we accomplished in domestic market. We intend to reach at you with our own time delivery guarantee, quality products and our solidity by using our experience of years at the new company. We personally involved in production phase and grow healthy products. There are two types of products; irrigated farming and dry farming products. Among the irrigated farming products there are cherry, apple, tomato, red pepper, California plum. And there is red lentil among the dry farming products. We grow irrigated farming products in Isparta and dry farming products in Urfa. We also meet the demands of yours apart from our products that we grow.
Established in 1999 Nuh’un Ambari is the first and leading company being in service of organic and natural foodstuff in Turkey. Starting with a very few products we have almost 80 organic products with “Orgagen Ambari” brand after many projects and studies. Our products are produced in different places of Turkey. Our goal is not just trading but also adopting ecological agriculture philosophy to farmers, producers, processors, consumers and country and leaving a livable world to next generations. Furthermore we want to protect biological diversity, biological cycle of soil and human health and to improve organic market in the world and Turkey. We would like to improve our export capacity by making our products sold in local market to draw interest in foreign markets.
Our Quality Policy Our company policy is to maximize and maintain customer satisfaction at highest level. Quality of healthy foods produced under hygienic conditions to offer the consumer the idea of a safe life. Certificates received by all the rules that apply to operate to international standards. All production processes to continually improve and maintain the quality management system according to the principles. Has adopted a positive place in the world market to keep the same level of quality standards in our products. Closely follow technological developments, innovative solutions to improve quality at every stage of production. Our Mission Turkish pulse, successfully been represented in the world arena. Offers healthy and safe products for world-people consumption. Customers informed about latest developments and sector related issues as well as about the possible risks. Using new sales channels to expand market, to increase the current market share. With the concept of sustainable and effective service to capture every product is the same quality and taste. Understanding of modern management need to maintain the highest standards of production by international quality certificates. Principle to work for social benefits bring to the fore the idea of social responsibility. Our Vision Qualified service, operations rise abilities by combining the leading position in domestic and international market. Quality of life with the principle of safe, accurate and timely customer requirements and expectations to perform.
Arsbak is a food group that aims to meet Turkey's need for pulses. Founder of Arslan Pulses Cesim Arslan started his business life in 1980 by trading pulses and similar food products in the old wholes
Goze Agricultural Products based on Fettahoglu Group of Companies which was founded in 1953, has started its activities in 20th century and maintains its force to the 21st century. With “From Nature to Plate” motto, Goze Agricultural Products provides healthy food by managing all processes effectively and safely from manufacturer to the consumer. With being a family company, Goze Agricultural Products who has never compromised from its honesty, thinks that the biggest capital is a human being since it is established. So, Goze has brought trust and traditional trade that invests on human to the present. By taking its place in the global economy, Goze Agricultural Products is one of the leading companies in pulses and rice industry. With its corporate structure and principles of trust, truth and rationality Goze keeps moving upwards in its industry. As a proof of its achievements, in 2007 Goze Agricultural Products got in to “ISO Second 500 Biggest Industrial Corporation” list for the first time. In 2012, company put its name in to “ISO First 500 Biggest Industrial Corporation” list and since then its position is rising.